Online casino games have many variants. Some are also included in conventional gaming rooms, while others, for reasons of logic and design, remain exclusive to the web. Among them, is Perfect Pairs, a contest of cards very similar to blackjack.

There are not many changes between the Perfect Pairs and blackjack. The most significant difference for the players has to do with the bets, which generate more emotion to the bettors due to their probabilities of winning, which fortunately are always in their favor.

This, in the beginning, is due to the advantage that users have over the house (the casino). In the case of online games, the margins always rise, but in Perfect Pairs, that advantage is 6%, a very helpful index.

Players who enter perfect pairs online naturally receive a pair of cards at the start of the game, just like in blackjack. However, he receives an additional pair with the objective of having two options to succeed: one of the pairs is for the pot and the other is for the traditional prize that is bet.

On the other hand, players who choose this variant of blackjack must understand that the payments -especially those of the boat-, change from one casino to another. Given this imminent condition, they can simply choose the online gaming site whose terms and conditions of payment are most beneficial to them.

How to play?

Once the normal bet is made, the dealer will ask each player of the table if he wants to go for the secondary bet. In online casinos, as in land casinos, this “special bet” is not modifiable, therefore you cannot double or divide if the cards do not play in favor.

With the cards dealt, the players must take into consideration that the couple that forms must be identical. Therefore, the combinations are only three. In general, hitting always depends on luck. In Perfect Pairs, neither the card count nor the study of the probabilities influence the final result.

Regarding the number of bets, there is, of course, a minimum and maximum. In European casinos, they usually start with five Euros at the table – or the equivalent of that number in any other denomination – while the highest amount of bet is five hundred Euros.

In American online casinos, the amounts are not too far. In fact, most games accept between $1 and $5 as a minimum bet and $300 to $500 as the maximum amount to play Perfect Pairs. However, the most experienced gamers always recommend reading the Terms and Conditions of the website before releasing a single cent.
As in blackjack, in Perfect Pairs, the objective is to add twenty-one points with two cards and more. The whole table – or in this case, the users – faces the croupier. In the event that they do not get the long-awaited number, a more approximate number will be enough to beat the dealer if no other player can hit higher.

For example, if in a four-player online table (plus the croupier), one of them manages to add 17, 18 and 19; and in case the dealer has one of those numbers, the one who has the perfect pair will win. That is the largest number.

In online casinos, the Perfect Pairs interface is accessible and easy to understand by most players. As most of the game’s buttons are arranged in the center of the table, it gives a velvety look that resembles in quantity the tables of the real casinos. Also, many of the rules are met in the same way.

One of the movements that the players value most of the Perfect Pairs, is the bet on insurance. This allows each member of the table to bet in half when the dealer receives an ace. That is, if one of the users has bet $200 and it results in the dealer uncovering an ace as the first deck and, effectively, manages to add 21 points, that player will only lose $100 of the ones he threw in the betting deck.

Matter of peers

Matching the sticks is the main objective of the Perfect Pairs. That is, two eight of spades is a perfect pair. However, players can also bet in pairs of colors or a mixed pair.

In the first case, the pair of colors would be diamond eight and color eight. They are different suits, but the color (red) matches. In the case of mixed pairs, these are cards of the same number but with different colors -such as seven clubs and one of hearts-.

The dynamics of the game is very easy to grasp the thread; and the faster they develop that skill, the Perfect Pairs online can be one of the most fun and beneficial casino bets in the pocket.